Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pet Pickup Bags

Truth be known I am a big time procrastinator. When comes to Pooh bags I often don't get a new pack until I am on the very last one. Yesterday I had to make a quick trip to Publics so that Kassa wouldn't become a pariah in the neighborhood. Ok fair enough. This morning I pull out a couple of these bags. They are blue and scented not black like my normal ones. Ok no problem. Probably why they cost a bit more. But why oh why oh why do they make them semi transparent. Is the manufacturer worried about the contents being correctly identified since they took away the smell? I mean, its bad enough that I have to haul this stuff around for 45 min, but do I really have to show off the contents to all my neighbors as I walk. Maybe its to avoid questions on how Kassa is doing or to allow people to offer helpful suggestions. "Hmm I see your dog is a bit runny today, might want to firm up his diet." Or "That's quite the haul you have there. You might be feeding him a bit much." Or "No sweeety you can't pet that dog. You see that bag he is carrying. Thats Poooh!" Transparency is not always a good thing. Remember whether used in pet pickup bags or in government the problem is when you walk around people will see the pooh!

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Hiking Hounds said...

LOL! That is so funny! I've often been a bit embarrassed about holding a transparent Bag-O-Pooh on our walks.