Monday, March 29, 2010

Dog Log : Dog Date March 29, 2010

Friday March 26: -Sandy went back home. (sad so sad) Saturday March 27: -Earily Morning: walk. -Morning: Slept while dad cleaned up. -Mid Day: Car rides with dad for shopping. -Afternoon: Slept while dad cut grass. (something about seeing poop before stepping in it) -Evening: Empty dog park = Kassa having fun. A 150 lb mastiff came over and was put in a separate area. We ran the fence with each other and had a blast. Sunday March 28th: -Morning: long walk (started when raining) ended nice. -Mid day: went with dad to the dump and then on to the ball park for fetch. -Afternoon: Bath then slept -Evening: Slept with dad on the couch. Conclusion: Success.

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