Friday, March 26, 2010

Kassa has a friend for the day!

Kassa was a very happy boy last night. He got to have a sleep over at our house with a lady friend named Sandy. Sandy is a pretty girl just 2 years old as of Wednesday. She found her forever home just four weeks ago. Unfortunate circumstances required her mom to go on a day trip but that could only mean good times for my best boy. (They traded beds for this pic. Kassa isn't used to frills so he took advantage of the opportunity ;) ) The three of us headed out on a 45 min walk this morning (with two dogs it takes about an hour). They actually walked great together. They both came nicely to the side of the road any time a car approached. We didn't even get too tangled up until the end of the walk. Kassa likes to hang back and stall through the last block or two.
So Kassa and Sandy are just hanging out today chilling. When I was home for lunch the everything was still intact, so all is well. My wife and I enjoyed having four more feet in the house.


Hiking Hounds said...

Very cute! Maybe Kassa needs a permanent friend? ;-)

Pam said...

Look how much he liked that fluffier bed. awwww poor Kassa... a stepchild in his own house.

jcp said...

Don't let him fool you. He likes the couch the best. :)