Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I was going to try to create a witty blog entry about how Ricky discovered himself in the big bedroom mirror this morning and had a bit of a standoff with himself.. but alas, I'm not feeling very witty today.
Instead I'm just going to post a few pics of Kassa and Ricky having fun in the field that I have not cut in a few weeks.  It was really long at the back of the property because I scuttled my lawn mower blade last time I was out and didn't get a chance to finish up. Even though I was horrified at how long the grass was, Ricky and Kassa certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dog's Day

We only have two carpeted rooms in our house, and one of them is our master bedroom. That of course is the room where the two humans and two dogs all hunker down every night. On those weekend mornings where we sleep in to a whopping 7:00 Kassa and Ricky are up and ready for action. I have enjoyed watching the two boys grow closer together. Although space is somewhat limited, the boys take full advantage of the carpeted surface by alternating throwing their 70+lb bodies as fast as they can in chase of bouncing kongs. One hunts while the other watches with interest or tries to use his cold nose to prompt his food source out of bed.
While the boys were totally enjoying taking advantage of some carpet traction, I was lying it bed dreading the fact that I had taken advantage of the fact that I had 3 extra days to complete my taxes this year. Of course those three days were up and I had to head down stairs soon and start the laborious task.   Ricky and his cold nose finally got me past my dread and the boys prodded me down the stairs to deliver a meal and some relief.  Once their necessities had been dealt with I went on to gather up all the necessary papers and purchase the tax software.
 Now I must say, compared to the past, tax software makes the whole process pretty simple.  It imports the previous years returns and leads you through all your form entry in a timely fashion.  In fact it is not really the process that I dread so much, rather it is the answer the process generates.  This year was no less painful than previous ones.  The software likes to give you a heart attack by displaying the amount owed as you go and of course the deductions and credits come late in the process.  As I massaged the software two o'clock rolled around.  Rain, sleet or hail, this day of all days was going to involve some grey play.  We hopped in the cars and zipped the dogs over to the nearby football field.  Kassa and Ricky brought the total to nine dogs.  They had a fantastic time.  There was a good sized mud puddle and most of the dogs took turns getting the spa treatment.  Ricky had fun chasing anything that would move including the humans.  The dogs all played well together thundering up and down the field.  They also got on well with Maggie, the honorary greyhound of the day.
Our play time ended and we rounded up Kassa, who somehow remained impeccably clean, and Ricky who some how managed to completely coat his legs and rear in a thick layer of mud.  Once home Ricky went into the bath and I went on two finish up my tax submission.  Although nothing changed, somehow it was a lot less painful.
PS:  I know I owe people a stylish blogger award post.  I'll get there.  I haven't forgotten. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Army Strong

I've decided to do a guest post every once in a while about the dogs GPAN currently has in their foster system.  Our little grey play group often has a foster dog somewhere in the mix.  Playing with us last weekend was Army Strong!

First of all Army Strong is just an awesome name.  Secondly, have a look at his markings.  Is this guy a little tiger or what?!

Army is going to make the right family very very happy.  He is pretty independent so he wouldn't need another greyhound in the mix.  He is a ball chaser, and so I'm sure he could be taught to fetch.

Even though Army is independent, he did fine with the other greyhounds.  For those not familiar with my blog and are wondering about the muzzles, we always muzzle them when they run in large groups.  This isn't a particular reflection on Army.

Army is done racing professionally, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have any moves left.  This boy can really boogie when he wants to.  From what I can see, he has raced 105 times and has been located at 2 different tracks.  This boy has paid his dues.

These picture are of Army on the move, but lets not forget that greyhounds are indoor dogs and as such are general lay around couch potatoes.  They don't need any more exercise than other breeds of dogs.

So there it is.  Thats my pitch for Army Strong.  He reminds me of Kassa in many many ways.  I know he will make someone as happy as Kassa and Ricky have made me.  He also has his very own blog so you can follow his progress.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I now dub the a Grey Player

Ricky is now officially ours.  My wife and I signed the adoption papers Saturday and Ricky got to see is blood sister Pickle at the meet and greet.

Sunday we all got to do some greyplay.  We had 13 dogs out for fun in the field.  Ricky fit right in.  Because Ricky is so new off the track and because we had both fosters and new dogs in attendance, we keep almost everyone muzzled. We don't always do that but 13 dogs running 30-40 mph in a large field is a lot to keep track of.  They all did great though and Ricky fit right in.

Evidently Ricky is a puddle puppy.  He found and enjoyed the coveted puddle not realizing the consequences of this bath was another when he returned home.

Kassa has taken all of this in stride.  I wasn't throwing balls so he didn't chase them down like the little ball machine he is.  He ran about the same as the others and enjoyed sunning himself in the long grass.

Ricky is a pretty social guy.  He is a little cautious still but loved having all the hounds around.

Here is a shot of a foster dog named Army Strong.  He is a fun quick boy and a ball chaser.  I hope he can play fetch in his own forever home some day soon!
It was a fantastic day.  The pups had a great time and so did the their peeps.  Our group has come a long way since Kassa and I happened to run into 2 other hounds at a baseball diamond a year and a half ago.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh Ricky You're so fine...

For those following my blog you may have noticed that it has been quiet for a bit.  This is not because I have no news but rather because I have been BUSTING to share some but did not want to jump the gun.  Well I can not wait any longer.
My last few posts have shown that although Kassa has had lots of play time alone he missed a few outings with the other dogs.  My wife and I decided find a more permanent remedy for that situation.  Late in the night when all is quiet, I have been issuing, in my best Darth Vader impersonation, the word "SISTER".... well it finally took hold, however as it turns out I should have been saying "BROTHER".   It doesn't have the same effect though so I am glad I went the way I did.  My wife is not intimately familiar with the Star Wars series and so the only one I was amusing was myself.  I'm fine with that.  I digress....

INTRODUCING: Pal's Ricky Bobby
Name: Ricky
Racing Weight: 82lbs
Races: 99
Color: Blue Brindle

Ricky is a larger dog than Kassa.  He is a blue brindle but has similar markings to Kassa (White tipped tail, white chest, white on the nose, white boots.)  He and Kassa are different in so many ways.  I think Kassa learned the stairs faster.  Ricky now goes up and down them at will, but he more crawls down rather then runs down.  I think that because he has a longer body and has more trouble with the spacing.  Where Kassa is more dexterous which shows in his stair traveling and running style, Ricky is more about raw power.   Ricky is a very affectionate pup, and has taken to following around my wife :).  We got Ricky on the 21st under Foster With Intent to adopt (FWI) rules.  This is a rule GPAN has in place that allows you to bring a dog into your home for a 2 week period.  You foster him during that time period to evaluate how he will fit in with your existing pups.  You have to follow all the standard foster rules, but as each dog has its own personality it is a great opportunity to see how they work together.  Our FWI period was going swimmingly, however Ricky got sick last weekend and gave me a scare. He couldn't keep food down.  I got him to the vet and got him re-hydrated his tummy settled.  Kassa in the process ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time during one of Ricky's throw-up sessions.  He got nipped in the process and is sporting a throbbing ear.  So the powers that be decided to test our metal. Despite being weighted and measured we were not found wanting. Tomorrow is the day we will be signing Ricky's adoption papers.  We are now a family of 4!