Sunday, April 3, 2011

I now dub the a Grey Player

Ricky is now officially ours.  My wife and I signed the adoption papers Saturday and Ricky got to see is blood sister Pickle at the meet and greet.

Sunday we all got to do some greyplay.  We had 13 dogs out for fun in the field.  Ricky fit right in.  Because Ricky is so new off the track and because we had both fosters and new dogs in attendance, we keep almost everyone muzzled. We don't always do that but 13 dogs running 30-40 mph in a large field is a lot to keep track of.  They all did great though and Ricky fit right in.

Evidently Ricky is a puddle puppy.  He found and enjoyed the coveted puddle not realizing the consequences of this bath was another when he returned home.

Kassa has taken all of this in stride.  I wasn't throwing balls so he didn't chase them down like the little ball machine he is.  He ran about the same as the others and enjoyed sunning himself in the long grass.

Ricky is a pretty social guy.  He is a little cautious still but loved having all the hounds around.

Here is a shot of a foster dog named Army Strong.  He is a fun quick boy and a ball chaser.  I hope he can play fetch in his own forever home some day soon!
It was a fantastic day.  The pups had a great time and so did the their peeps.  Our group has come a long way since Kassa and I happened to run into 2 other hounds at a baseball diamond a year and a half ago.


Hiking Hounds said...

I'm glad Ricky is settling in so well! What a great field you've made for the group. My boys would love that lovely green grass.

houndstooth said...

Ricky looks so happy! I don't think he's planning on going anywhere. Kassa looks pretty content, too!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

What a gorgeous group of Greyhounds. It's amazing how you've grown to such a big group in so little time! And I see you've got a black one there now:)

The kids and I have given you guys a well deserved award for being a Stylish Blogger:) Swing by our blog and pick it up if you want, it's not mandatory;)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Congrats on #2! Welcome, Ricky! It was definitely about time. :-)

One thing about muzzles.... you will NEVER regret using muzzles. If someone falls and screams, most of the other greyhounds will tear that greyhound to pieces. Its just hardwired prey drive. Be careful, be safe!!!

So happy you got a 2nd!

jcp said...

Thanks all. GCS.. I recruited a Black Grey just for you. His name is Money :). The number of dogs in the group is increasing faster than the number of people. What does that tell you about the greys? The only things I don't like about muzzles are that they mess up the pictures and the dogs can not get the balls... but with more than a couple hounds I think they are a must.