Sunday, January 13, 2013


"Rain rain go away..."   The holiday season has been a wet one here in Nashville and once again this weekend has us under water.  This is a perfect opportunity for me to reminisce about the few brief reprieves from the weather.  Our friend Diane has been practicing with her camera as of late and graciously allowed me to post some of her pictures here. She has some beautiful stills of the pups without their racing muzzles on as well but I personally lean toward action shots.  Despite all the racing around,  Kassa and I do take some time to smell the roses now and again.  Of course by "Smell the roses" we really mean that Kassa stands and I rub... 

I love this shot of the pups racing in the grey play field.  Especially our honorary greyhound Maggie on the far right.  That was a busy day.  I think it was a pre-holiday pic but shh.. nobody knows that except those in the greyplay group.

Greyhounds have a lot of fun on these outings.  They like playing "Superman".  We should get them some capes!

Ricky has really adjusted well this year.  He rebounded quickly from the brief fireworks exposure on New Years Eve.  I can really see how his trust in us has grown and he has grown accustomed to us being in his personal space.  Ricky has always preferred running over walking, but even so, he has been eager to join Kassa and I on an evening walk.  I'm hoping to ramp up the walking again as their frequency and duration have slipped over the last year.

Looking back over the last year I can once again see how adding the dogs to our family and interacting with this group of people has been a positive thing.  In the coming year we are looking into doing some more formalized dog training.  Hopefully that will provide me with some more interesting fodder for the blog.  I wish everyone good health, wealth, and happiness in 2013.

the end.