Sunday, September 23, 2012

Catching Up

This year brought the unfortunate turn of events where my camera suffered an untimely demise.  It has proved difficult for me to coordinate grabbing the pictures off my wife's camera and getting anything onto the blog while the events are still fresh in my mind.  So this is going to be a great big catch-up post with few words and lots of pics.


The snake Kassa and Ricky cornered at the grey play field and would not leave alone:

As a result it we had to confine them to our area.  I have no idea what kind of snake it was but I preferred not to experiment with the dogs.

Luckily the next time the group gathered the snake had moved on.

Our mini vacation to the lake, where I grabbed a few scenic shots.  Kassa and Ricky stayed with a greyplay family.  I realized later that we missed Kassa's birthday.  The great thing about dogs is.. they don't seem to mind when you miss these things.

The GPAN summer Picnic

Our friend Lou's dog (Oath) ran for president.

She got Kassa's vote and of course won the day.

There was also a hot dog eating contest.

Needless to say,  although the blog hasn't been that active, Kassa and Ricky have been.  Kassa still wont fetch a ball anymore, (except when he and I are alone at the baseball diamond).  He loves working on stays and recalls though.  Ricky fetches like a wild thing and has taken to eating dirt out of the planters.  He will now jump into high vehicles with coaxing of treats etc but he takes his own sweet time deciding to do it.  His fireworks phobias have receded and he is now eager and ready to go outside.  He is a happy goofy boy, and I think I can see his confidence has grown as has his trust in us.