Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dog's Day

We only have two carpeted rooms in our house, and one of them is our master bedroom. That of course is the room where the two humans and two dogs all hunker down every night. On those weekend mornings where we sleep in to a whopping 7:00 Kassa and Ricky are up and ready for action. I have enjoyed watching the two boys grow closer together. Although space is somewhat limited, the boys take full advantage of the carpeted surface by alternating throwing their 70+lb bodies as fast as they can in chase of bouncing kongs. One hunts while the other watches with interest or tries to use his cold nose to prompt his food source out of bed.
While the boys were totally enjoying taking advantage of some carpet traction, I was lying it bed dreading the fact that I had taken advantage of the fact that I had 3 extra days to complete my taxes this year. Of course those three days were up and I had to head down stairs soon and start the laborious task.   Ricky and his cold nose finally got me past my dread and the boys prodded me down the stairs to deliver a meal and some relief.  Once their necessities had been dealt with I went on to gather up all the necessary papers and purchase the tax software.
 Now I must say, compared to the past, tax software makes the whole process pretty simple.  It imports the previous years returns and leads you through all your form entry in a timely fashion.  In fact it is not really the process that I dread so much, rather it is the answer the process generates.  This year was no less painful than previous ones.  The software likes to give you a heart attack by displaying the amount owed as you go and of course the deductions and credits come late in the process.  As I massaged the software two o'clock rolled around.  Rain, sleet or hail, this day of all days was going to involve some grey play.  We hopped in the cars and zipped the dogs over to the nearby football field.  Kassa and Ricky brought the total to nine dogs.  They had a fantastic time.  There was a good sized mud puddle and most of the dogs took turns getting the spa treatment.  Ricky had fun chasing anything that would move including the humans.  The dogs all played well together thundering up and down the field.  They also got on well with Maggie, the honorary greyhound of the day.
Our play time ended and we rounded up Kassa, who somehow remained impeccably clean, and Ricky who some how managed to completely coat his legs and rear in a thick layer of mud.  Once home Ricky went into the bath and I went on two finish up my tax submission.  Although nothing changed, somehow it was a lot less painful.
PS:  I know I owe people a stylish blogger award post.  I'll get there.  I haven't forgotten. :)


houndstooth said...

We were afraid that if we waited until the deadline to do our taxes this year that the state would run out of money. I'm so glad ours are done!

It sounds like the boys have the right idea about how to pass a Sunday afternoon! I wouldn't have minded joining them. I can picture the clean dog/dirty dog scenario so clearly! Here it's Bunny who stays pristine and Morgan just looks at a puddle and comes home covered in mud balls!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

It's wonderful how nothings seems as bad after some fresh air and fun with the kids:) Even if it does involve mud!

Sounds like Kassa is really enjoying having a brother and Ricky probably thinks he's gone to Greyhound Heaven!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm not a CPA but so glad tax season is over... so tired of all the CPAs contacting us for client info! :-)

Anonymous said...

Filing taxes are never fun. Thanks to my husband's daily reminders (which are never fun to hear) I actually managed to complete them early this year... LOL!

We're glad to have stumbled upon your blog and are looking forward to learning more about Kassa and Ricky. Chow for now.