Monday, April 5, 2010

Kassa King of the Weed Garden

Weeds, low shrubbery and vine line the back fence around the patio. Kassa, lord couch potato, has been transformed to king and hunter. He sits regally in the shade waiting.. watching. This is his domain and any who enter do so are subject to his authority. The chipmunk whose burrow ends at the gutter drain stays clear while the king sits on his throne. Even the birds who frolic in the fire bush do not linger too close to the ground. Whats that. Motion. The king rises from his throne and positions himself at a bush with a swift fluidity inherited from his egyptian ancestors. Watch.. wait....... Pounce, dig dig dig, Pounce. The encroaching enemy has been driven away or suffered some worse fate and the King returns waiting for another opportunity to defend his throne.
Kassa had an amazing weekend and dragged his humans along for the ride. Friday - Hike through Edwin Warner Park, Ambassadorship at Jiffy lube while dad got an oil change, Coffee on the patio with dad at Starbucks.. with more Ambassadorship.
Saturday - Walk with mom in the morning. Meet and greet at noon. Hike with Mom and Dad in the afternoon. Coffee at Starbucks with mom and dad.
Sunday - King and hunter of the weed garden. Ball park in the evening. Meet two other greyhounds at the ball park completely by accident. A big shout out goes to Titan and Tequila!

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