Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recalls need more work!

Yesterday a couple things happened that made me realize its time to work more on recalls. We were at the ball park and after a good workout just lounging around. A guy and his kid entered the fenced area. I don't think he even realized there was a dog there. Kassa has no problem with people or kids.. but he opted to chase one of the balls rather than come for my recall. The second thing that happened was on the way back we stopped at Publics so I could pick up some hot wings. As I was leaving a cart came rolling across the parking lot and was going to crash into some parked cars. Without thinking I hopped out and grabbed it. Kassa followed.. opps... No harm done. He ran right to me without calling him. But if there was a small animal present the ball park event shows me it may not have gone that way. I've got to make COME the most attractive thing in the world to him.

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