Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Well firstly (and I know that this is not directly related to Kassa) we ran (what I will humbly say) was a fantastic Judo tournament this weekend. I was really proud of how our team came together to pull it off. It did mean that my best boy got to spend all Saturday with his mom. She took him for his walk etc.. and they had a great time. Sunday we attended the Greyhound Winter Gathering that was held in Murfreesboro at the livestock center. It was a great place to meet other greyhound folks and was so good for Kassa to mix and mingle :). They had an area for the dogs to run as well as an area for vendors to sell doggy items. There was a pot-luck style table set for snacking and lots of doggy treats for the kids. I really enjoyed sitting back and enjoying the efforts that all the organizers made to put this meet together... especially after just coming off of the Judo event that I had just helped run. This morning I decided to give Kassa a treat and drive him to the ball park instead of going for our normal walk. He had a grand time and I was right on schedule and back in the house to head to work by 7:30. At that point I realized dropped my cell phone in the ball diamond I had to drive all the way back. Sigh... Well I found it so all is well however sometimes things do not go as planned.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I think I've competed agility in that arena in Murfreesboro. Travis' last trial was there.

jcp said...

If your ever back up this way I'd love to see you and your dogs compete. So keep me posted :)

Life With Dogs said...

I'd love to organize a similar meetup here - and we could use some mid-winter fun!!