Monday, February 8, 2010

Greyhound weekends

Well Kassa didn't get a lot of walks this weekend. I considered taking him to a trail however I thought he would enjoy the time more off lead at the ball park. This of course is entirely independent of the fact that I got slammed around so much in Judo on Thursday and then again on Saturday that I was having trouble throwing the ball let alone hiking.

So Kassa and I worked a lot on "Come" and "Sit" on the weekend. Running right up to me on a "Come" and then "Sitting" and then treat. However Sunday he broke down a bit. He was coming but he was confused between sit and lay down. I think he was tired. When I got him home I re-enforced the sit again in the original locations he learned them. He seems to only want to sit on grass and not on the driveway etc. It will take a while to get him to distinguish that location does not dictate what I want him to do.

He also road around with me on Sunday as I did errands. He was fine in the truck for the few mins I had to run in and sat and lay down nicely for me during the ride. Kassa has also taken to sitting on the couch with me. He isn't a touchy-feelly dog in that if a couch is free he will take that one.. however at a certain point in the evening he prefers me and my couch to his bed.
In the mornings I go for my shower. Without fail I find Kassa laying motionless on the floor as though he has been shot. He will just lay there perfectly still while I get dressed etc however the moment my feet hit the stairs he is up and following me down.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

He is such a cutie. Hope you don't mind me giving you suggestions.... make sure you have 2 separate recalls. 1. Formal recall with a sit. 2. Life saving recall that should be wonderful, fun, big reward treat, and you touch his collar. If you use a formal recall as your life saving recall, he may decide to forgo the recall because he gets tired of the sitting. He weighs his options.... run free chasing neighborhood cats or return to dad and have to sit.... hmmmm. :-).... but if recalls are mostly a giant food reward... he might choose that.

jcp said...

Thanks! I welcome the comments and suggestions. Do you mind sharing what commands you use for each?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Formal recall is "Front" and I am facing them square, feet together, hands at my side.

Life saving recall is "Come" and my body langauge is not specific since they are generally not looking at me anyway when I ask for a "come".

But make sure you do not already use either around the house. If its already flying out of your mouth frequently.... train for different words. Other options include "now" and "here". Also know some that used "return", but I prefer one sylable (msp).

jcp said...