Wednesday, February 3, 2010


To look at my blog you would think that Kassa and I don't do any actual training. In truth we do a little every day. I decided to video some of my down work with him. I started him using the methods described on the neversaynever greyhound blog. Downs 101 I am now working on making sure he goes down in different locations and that he will hold the down as described in Downs 104. As you can see from my video he still needs to work on the "Done". He often gets it but I think he still believed he could coax an treat or two more out of me. We are also working on sitting however I need my hill and the weather hasn't been cooperating.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

You are doing a great job marking his good work and moving around. Kassa is so funny... he's like "you aren't going to fool me with this hand clapping". :-) Just use a treat and lure him out of the down while you say "done". He'll catch on.

jcp said...

Thanks Jen. I'll start doing that. I think Kassa is having trouble distingushing my words. Down vs Done etc. I have read that dogs can respond better to hand gesture queues. Do you use them?