Monday, February 1, 2010

Tennessee.. The Great White North?

Well Friday Kassa got a nice surprise. Not only did Mommy stay home all day but Daddy came home early and took him out some wonderful fluffy rain. We even saw some of the neighborhood kids sledding down the hill and jumping a make shift ramp. Awesome!

Every thing was being covered and it was fun to jump around in. At one point he thought I wanted to run and I slipped back and inadvertently demonstrated how to make a snow angel.

The next day we both thought it would be more of the same however in thefirst step we realized that it was not to be. CRACK. Our pristine snow had beenpreserved by aglazing of ice. No more runningaround in the fluff. It was like everything became the laminate floor with no carpet reprieve. It took a long time for us to find any recognizable smells, but in the end we did contribute to the effort to melt the ice.

The other thing we found was that there were strange new beings seemingly made out of the same fluffy rain and equally preserved. Now they didn't warrant much attention as they seemed very patient however they were something that should not be totally ignored.

All in all it was an extra long weekend filled with treats belly rubs and naps. No ball parks this weekend but however once on the road Kassa showed no indication of wanting to end our walks early. I also am about half way through reading "The Culture Clash" by Jean Donaldson. I'm finding this book to be very enlightening and will have more on that after I finish it.

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