Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Well although it was a quite relaxing holiday, it was definitely the weekend of the dog. Kassa and I checked out some different routes and what was supposed to be a 2 mile hike ended up being a four mile hike. For the couple that wished Kassa and I a happy new year. I'm sorry if I was somewhat abrupt. You see inside humans can pee anytime they want and dogs can't... but outside the reverse is true. Despite the rather urgent end to our walk we hit some nice spots and I think have developed two new routes to take.

Kassa and I also went to Cane Ridge Park. We scouted a Remote Control Airplanes air field there. The air field is managed by the Middle Tennessee Radio Control Society. Unfortunately there were no flyer's there that day but we will try another time.

The ball park itself was not as dog friendly as I would have liked, so Kassa and I abandoned this park and went off to Nolensville for a quick game of throw. It would be called fetch if Kassa actually brought the ball back instead of running around with it until he gets tired and lays down.

Kassa got a new closet this weekend as well. Given the fact that I have never built anything square in my life I don't think it came out too badly. The doors need a little adjusting but over all I am pleased with it.

Finally after some "Down" training Kassa practiced some of his special forces training. camouflage


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Cute greyhound! You might try trading her a treat for the ball. That's how I teach all of mine to retrieve. Start them on leash with something I know they can't resist picking up. As soon as they do, I put my hand on it and trade for a treat. So they learn to put the toy in my hand.

jcp said...

Thanks Jennifer, I will try that. In truth I tried getting him to come to me for the ball in exchange for a treat but he found it simpler to drop the ball and run. I'll start to do it with less distance between us and with different objects as you suggest. I followed your "down" training video and Kassa is doing it in good form now. Every command is now "Down" to him but he is definitely trying to please.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...