Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A morning adventure

This morning when Kassa and I were getting ready in the garage we smelled skunk. As you can imagine we were pretty cautious heading out on the road. But despite the cold temperatures Kassa was ready to walk. I think he is part Canadian. As long as he has his coat on cold is no deterrent. He doesn't think much of rain though.

We headed to the top of a hill that is on one of our routes to get a better view.

Not a bad way to bring in a morning

When we got back home I noticed something odd in the back yard. Thinking that the aforementioned skunk had gotten hold of someone's purse for food, I checked out the documents and discovered it was my neighbors. I gathered up the papers and headed over to her house. On the way over I discovered her car window had been broken out thus not the work of the skunk. So just a word of warning. Lock your car doors and don't leave anything in your car that even looks attractive. You don' t know who is walking around a dark property late at night.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Hopefully nothing valuable was taken.

jcp said...

She wasn't sure if she was missing anything. I told her not to touch anything until the police got there to check for prints etc. I heard at lunch that more car breakins were happening a neighborhood or two over, so I guess they have now made their way over to my house. great... The last time there were car break-ins there was speculation that they were looking for id info like SSN's etc for identity theft.

Aragon greyhounds said...

Yikes good lesson to be careful about leaving valuables in the car