Monday, January 11, 2010

Please Please Please Keep dogs on a leash

Yes I know your dog is the essence of friendliness and wouldn't hurt a fly.
Well guess what.  "My dog isn't ready for unsupervised social
interaction."  Seriously.  If your dog is loose and approaches my
dog and my dog thinks yours is being aggressive, its going to end badly for everyone.  To the gentleman whose Newfoundlander's ear Kassa wouldn't let go of,  thank you for understanding it was your responsibility to keep your dog contained on your property.  I'm very glad we all kept our cool and didn't have to argue or be disrespectful.  I'm also glad that no serious injury ensued by either party.  Kassa just got a few cuts on his nose and the Newfoundlander ear was intact.  That said, I don't like having to put a rear naked choke on my dog.  That works well by the way. Using pressure points didn't do anything.  Right after work I'm off to buy some pepper spray.  So if you are looking out the window wondering why I'm spraying pepper spray at your beloved poodle as he runs up to us off lead,  It's because the law says you have to have it on a lead or contained on your property and I don't want it to get hurt.

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