Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Kassa is learning fast! Last night we refined the "down" to include not kicking his hips out to the side. We were able to repeat the behavior this morning. He also has retained "Bed" however he will not travel to a different room to go to it. I guess he can't possibly understand why I would want him to go to a room that I am not in. This morning we took a more scenic route for our walk. We had a chance encounter with 4 deer. They stood about 25 feet away from us without running off. From now on I will be carrying my camera! At one point they even walked a bit closer to us. Kassa didn't bark and he didn't pull. I'm not entirely sure that he did not think they were greyhounds and that they didn't think he was a deer. A car came by and they scooted into the woods. Kassa barked then which is something he normally does with animals he recognizes as dogs not prey. It was an interesting morning.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Actually, rolling a hip is a better down and I prefer it and often train for it. They are much less likely to pop up if laying on a hip than they are from the sphinx position. Happy Training!