Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not to be..

Well we have postponed a trip to Canada. We were hopeful that Kassa would be able to play nice with Emmy and Oatmeal at our friends house. Alas it was not to be. Although Kassa didn't pull at the leash and seemed un-intimidated at second sniff he would go for Emmey's neck. Of course I had his mussel on so no harm done. On a positive note Kassa performed a verbal down last night and this morning without being coaxed down with food. On verbal command he kicks his back side out to the side rather than a proper "down" but we are working on it. Over Christmas Kassa also mastered the stairs into the garage. Stairs are problematic for greyhounds because they don't encounter them at the track/kennel. He had previously mastered the stairs to the second floor however they are not as steep as the steps to the garage. He had in the past timidly gone up but never down. I got a new goal for Kassa on Christmas day. We were over at a friends house and he demonstrated how his high energy pit bull mix (Maggie) could perform a "leave it". He would tell her to sit or lay down. Then he would put a treat anywhere including right under her nose. She would not touch it or in some cases look at it until he granted her specific permission. It was impressive.

This video of course has nothing to do with any of this post. I just love watching Kassa play in the ball park.

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