Sunday, October 30, 2011

No help here

The other day my wife and I were on the way back from meeting our friend to let the dogs run.  The boys were in the back drooling all over the rear window glass and the people were up front involved in some sort of intense discussion. We were zipping along the back roads not focused on much beyond getting home.  At that moment I see what everyone zipping along back roads not entirely focused on driving hates to see:  A police cruiser positioned perfectly to slow me down.  Now I'm not a advocate of speeding.  In fact I truly try to keep my speed within limits.  Truth be told I never speed... except when I do.  But here I am with my lovely wife beside me and two very cute dogs in back.. surely we will charm our way out of this one.  The officer pulls me over and  indicates I had managed to be going a 53 in a 40.   I check my mirror.. where are the dogs?  Where is the cute asset that is going draw idle banter and charm the coldest of hearts into a forgiving mood?  The boys evidently decided I was clearly in the wrong and driving far to fast for their liking.  They had ducked down behind the seat and were no where to be found.  No get out of jail free card here. Sigh.. So I got to go to traffic court.  Because this was my first ticket in forever and a day I was able to take a 4 hour interactive online traffic school course and keep the ticket off my record.  It wasn't a video as the judge suggested, rather a interactive flash experience with quizzes and a final exam.  It wasn't hard though and I could do it over multiple evenings AND in my underwear.  The content was similar to the drivers ed course I took way back in the day, replete with statistics aligned to scare you senseless.  All in all I think a little refresher never hurts.  Perhaps my boys just thought I needed one as well.

I'd also like everyone to meet a new foster dog in our grey play group.  Her name is Hope. She is beautiful and sweet. I'm sure she will quickly find a home.

  I hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend.


houndstooth said...


Isn't it funny how those gregarious Greyhounds never turn on the charm when you REALLY need it? If he'd been a butcher, you know they'd have been all over him!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Knock on wood... I haven't had a ticken in forever either.

So sad to hear that the lost dog had been hit by a car. Just awful. :-( I'm glad they found him... I would hate to never know.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

The boys probably thought they were doing you a favour by staying out of it! The punishment sounds interesting. I don't think we have anything like that here. At least we didn't when I got my one and only speeding ticket about 5 years ago!

Hope looks like a real charmer. I'm sure she'll have no trouble finding her forever home.

And you're welcome to come on our walks any time:) Isn't it funny, I'd love to go on one of your play dates! They look like so much fun and your paddock is lovely!

jcp said...

@GCS: You guys are welcome to our paddock anytime :). I love that term paddock. I know it, but it isn't commonly used here. Maybe I'll make a sign for the field "Grey Play Paddock". It has a nice ring. I think we are all going to have to start the international tour of the greyhound so that we can meet in person and see each others stomping grounds :).