Friday, July 15, 2011

Zeroed In

It has been a hot week.  Actually it has been a horribly humid hot week with feels like temperatures in the triple digits.  It has been so hot that Ricky has started to rebel at going out for walks.   Even with our shortened walk schedule there have been plenty of early morning rabbit sightings.  Kassa loves these.
To keep life from being dull we accepted to watch another friend's dog for the past 10 days.   Warrior is a fun good natured dog.  He had a early wipe-out on the wood floor, so we have spent the rest of the week building comforter based bridges from room to room.  He has got is confidence back now so he can cautiously travel unhindered.   Warrior is an only dog and as such has different eating habits then my guys.  I believe he was accustomed to eating his meal through the day at his leisure, however at my place that just doesn't fly.  Ricky and Kassa would make short work of any uneaten miscellaneous dog food laying about so I had to put it up.  It only took one missed meal and now Warrior eats it all in one sitting again.  Nothing like a little competition to provide motivation.
The personalities of the dogs continues to intrigue me and it seems to come out more when we change the pack dynamic by introducing another personality.   Ricky is jolly and playful.  When Warrior would bop around in the morning Ricky would play with him.  When Warrior roos.. Ricky joins in with some happy barking.  When it has come to going outside for morning walks, however, Ricky looks at me with eyes that imply I'm subjecting him to the most extreme torture imaginable and lays down on the bed, leash and all.  Kassa, on the other hand, is very aloof indoors.  He doesn't rush anywhere with the other two unless food is obviously involved.  When the other to get rowdy he will jump up on the couch to avoid all the commotion.   Outside is where Kassa gets energized.  He loves the early morning walk and he and Warrior have been raring to go despite the heat.  Both my boys live for the grey play and enjoy their off leash time and generally seem to be content.  Sometimes I just wish that we could communicate better sometimes so that I could be sure.


Hiking Hounds said...

Sounds like you are all having lots of fun. I love the alert ears up pic. It's so cool to see them when the instinct kicks in.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm starting to really hate hardwood floors!