Monday, July 25, 2011

Behind the scenes

Well I'd love to report on some amazing adventures, but I wasn't able to complete my current project of interest in one weekends time. More on that next weekend (hopefully). The boys got out to their grey play Saturday. There wasn't a lot of running but I think they had fun. I'm looking forward to fall when they can all cut loose again.
They did get to meet up with Tequila Lee.  Tequila is such a sweet happy boy that just had to post a picture of him.  In February I posted an entry on my trip to the Birmingham race track.  Today I just saw a photo journal on the behind the scenes life of a greyhound at the Southland race track.  It was created by Rachel Hogue, greyhound photographer extraordinaire.   I thought the images were beautiful and stunning, so my blog entry for the week will be to refer you to hers :).


houndstooth said...

Somebody from our Greyhound adoption group posted that, too! How cool that it's being seen by so many!

That is one stunning dog, too!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Awesome photos! It's good to see what happens behind the scenes.

Hmm, a current project of interest? Looking forward to the big reveal next weekend;)

Tequila Lee looks very handsome and sweet.