Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remembering the Cicadas

Remembering The Cicadas : by Ricky Bobby
Oh Mr Cicada...
We are brothers in life.
Although both our times on this earth are but 13 years, you spend most of yours below it.
I am glad that you decided to surface when I was but four and could enjoy the pursuit.
How I loved to pounce on you and hear you buz around in my mouth.
How I loved my evening walks filled with fields of noshing oportunities.
How I miss your daily chorus.
But now you have gone.  Nothing but shells and smells remain.
Once per lifetime our paths intersect.


Remembering the Cicadas : by Kassa


Remembering the Cicadas: By the Two Legger

Oh Mr Cicada...
You made the shortest outdoor conversations painful.
You made Ricky nearly pull my arm of in order to nosh on your delicious juices and made walks take 4 times as long as the norm.
You made Ricky's output messy and inconsistent.
You near drove me deaf when cutting the lawn.
Good riddance.
See you in 13


Angela said...

We don't have cicadas but we do have big bettles, June Bugs, here right now. We don't like them much, they bang into the doors and windows under the back yard light. Maddy tried to eat one (or two).

houndstooth said...

Bwaaaaa ha ha! We had the cicadas here last year, but we went to Allerton Park to the south of us a bit and they were in full force there on Sunday. The sound was deafening! I will always think about Ricky Bobby when I hear them now, though!

verobirdie said...

We do have cicadas, they are even one of our symbols, when you think South of France, you think lavender, olives and cicadas :-)
I heard the first yestetday. My mom's cat used to eat them, my cats are smarter.

Two Greyhound Town said...

I think the cicadas are on the way out here. They were terrible for a few weeks. They would swarm around us when we walked. Eeewwww! They were so loud and covered our trees. We didn't try to eat any though.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

We only notice cicadas around my way because we don't hear them very often and see them less. But I can imagine a whole heap of them being very noisy. And Frankie would probably eat them too.

Angela said...

Cicadas are no fun at all - unless of course you like to eat them! At least they don't come around often :) I wish we could get rid of the stink bugs that have been a problem in our area lately too! I've never actually smelled one, but I'm very careful when I remove them.