Monday, January 24, 2011

General Update

I have not been good at keeping up with Kassa's blog this month and unfortunately have not been very good with at keeping my camera with me at all times.  I'm going to post a few gratuitous pics of Kassa playing in the snow just so that everyone knows that he hasn't been locked in the basement these past 3 weeks.

Ok.. so now that everyone can see that he is happy and healthy let me update you on his doings.  Last weekend was the Winter Gathering.  I don't know how many greys were there but suffice it to say they did 80 nail trimmings, so it had to be a lot more than 80.   Unfortunately the family got there late.. so Kassa didn't have an opportunity to run with all the dogs.  We did have the opportunity to participate in the "race".  They run 2 dogs at a time down a straight track with all the fans on either side of the track.   There is no lure so you just stand at the far end and encourage your doggy to race to you.  Well evidently Kassa is a glory hound and has a great appreciation of fan fair.  I called him.. he came.. .... but people who witnessed it described it like a sports figure coming into an arena.  His head was held high and he was effectively High-fiving everyone all up the strip.  My visions of him racing up the strip and winning gold were shattered but I think he had fun.  Another dog who Kassa plays with weekly did win the event traveling to her owners at a top speed of 35mph.  Not bad considering there was no lure.  Congrats to Beth Anne!   Despite all the dogs and all the fanfare I managed to get absolutely NO pictures.  Not a one.
Sunday was the day of Kassa this weekend.  He road around with us as we ran our errands and  got to watch me wash the car while he was sitting inside.  Then we went over to our friends house where he got to play with Chelsie who is entirely preoccupied with licking Kassa's face.  After that it was on to a grey play date.  A new hound to our little group named Bella celebrated her 7th birthday that day and she had a lot of fun chasing all the dogs around.   We moved dog park to a near by ball park as the hounds were getting a bit to worked up with some of the other breeds in the park.  I think it was better because they really got to cut loose.   Again .. no camera.. no pictures...   Oh well.. next time.


Hiking Hounds said...

Well it sure sounds like he's been busy having fun. I can just imagine him high fiving every one. Very funny!

houndstooth said...

I can just picture him running down the lane! Hilarious! Just make sure you don't forget that camera next time!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I would have hated to do 80 nail trims. Hopefully that was a big fundraiser. I feel behind on my blog too.