Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank you!

I wanted to give a short tribute to the many greyhound adoption groups that work so tirelessly at getting greyhounds from the track to their adoptive homes.  The group that I got Kassa from is GPA-Nashville.  I am not super active but I do contribute in my own ways and try to be an advocate for greyhound adoption.    Last week I had the pleasure of being there when five greys were brought in from Florida.  It was interesting to see the regular system in action.   Once off of the truck the dogs were photographed for the website.  We went to a pet store in the area to pick up food and have some preliminary small animal safe testing done.  I had not seen that done before.  They put the muzzles on the greyhounds and took them one by one to the cat room.  With the hound on leash they gage the level of interest the hound has in the cat.  Well as it turned out one of the cats might not be classified as hound safe.  It wrapped its claws around the hound's muzzle and would not let go.  It was quite the amusing site.
After testing they hounds went off for a bath at the local dog wash.   That was a lot of fun.  Then came the microchipping process and the hounds were sent on their way with their foster families.   After that group was dealt with, our tireless volunteers loaded up a van with some hounds already in the system and headed on their way to visit potential adopters homes.  They always bring a few dogs to the homes of people applying for adoption in order to see how the hounds do in that specific environment.

This week I went to a regular meet and greet.  It was a rainy day so the event took place inside the Petsmart. Week after week these people volunteer their time to bring their dogs to show the public what fantastic pets greyhounds are.  The greyhounds love it because they get lots of petting and lots of treats!  You may notice Kassa was not in this picture. He was carefully watching the guinea pig locked safely away behind glass in the next aisle.  I am sure he just wanted to help it escape its glass cage so that they could dance happily off into the sunset... ahem..

I have not even touched on the paperwork, accounting, scheduling, website maintenance, mailing list maintenance,  newsletter writing and distribution and many many other jobs but...  in conclusion, Kassa and I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone involved in all the various phases of the adoption process and give you all a big Thank You!

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houndstooth said...

I miss all that stuff, to be honest. We were involved with two local groups around here, both of which are gone. I loved doing meet and greets, taking them off the hauler and fostering. Few people can really appreciate just how much work goes into those groups.

I remember doing some meet and greets at the local Petco, where they always had us right in front of the small animal cages. Ours were darned near hypnotized by some ferrets one day, and then a dachshund walked by!