Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Year

I got to cross off another year yesterday and also another decade. I took the day off and worked on the field with Kassa. We had a pretty good day. We gathered up some loose rocks. Repaired some fence that was bent by a fallen tree. And then.. got into a tense moment when the neighbors Dachshund got territorial and came into the yard for a visit. Couple of scrapes but no real harm done. Lessons learned. A) Kassa.. still not small dog safe when off lead. (Kassa .. if it barks it is NOT a rabbit dummy) B) Have to add wire mesh to close off the bottom rails of the fencing. C) I can still move pretty quick when I have to :) Even though the day didn't end as nicely as it began I'm excited about the coming year and the challenges that it will bring.

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