Monday, August 30, 2010


I think Kassa should have an indoor name and an outdoor name. I'm thinking "Super-Chill" or maybe "The Big Easy" as his indoor name. For a high prey drive boy he is the calmest creature I have ever witnessed indoors. Kassa does not seem to let anything bother him. I can run the vacuum right under his feet while he is sleeping on the couch and he doesn't even look up. I mean why would he. There is no chance that the vacuum will give him a treat right. Kassa even knows to go to the couch when I'm cleaning because I need to move his bed. He can hear a container of yogurt or the fish oil capsule bottle open from any room in the house. He can even seem to identify if I'm opening the drawer with the treats in it vs any other drawer. Those are good reasons to look up or even displace himself from his current location. I don't want to give the impression that he is depressed of course. He seems quite cheerful actually. I think either he his just confident that I wouldn't allow anything to hurt him and he is completely safe OR confident that nothing in this universe could possibly hurt him because he is indestructible. He is only 4 after all :).


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Wow, I'm so impressed ... you move stuff when you vacuum, would you like to do my place;-) Seriously, I think Big Easy suits Kassa. Kind of exudes confidence and maybe a slight arrogance? Beryl can be a bit arrogant, but not often:-)

Since I changed Beryl from normal to odourless fish oil capsules (they were on special!) she's not so keen on them and I have to hide them in her meal:-)

houndstooth said...

Feel free to come and vaccuum here after you get done over in New Zealand! :P

Our fifteen year old hound, who pretends she can't hear you say her name can hear the rattle of the treat jar! Some things can't be ignored, I guess!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sounds like a good dog to have around. :-)

jcp said...

My rule is: Move it if you will be able to see the dust bunnies around it when sitting on one of the two couches. Otherwise let the bunnies build.

I'm actually in Tennessee but would be happy to fly to New Zealand and then to the mid west if someone would foot the bill. I'll even do some vacuuming when I get there. Just so you know though, I don't wash sheets. Especially if they have been peed on.

Heh.. Ya .. I might have been thinking of how lucky I was that Kassa isn't noise sensitive when I wrote this. Wasn't a conscious jab at Reagan though :).

Thanks for the feedback.