Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Greyhound heaven

Kassa and I went for a walk at Crocket Park after work last night. These events have a positive correlation with the event of having NO pet pickup bags left in the house. Luckily the park is well equipped. Well just minutes after arriving we rounded a bend and there they were. All the makings of greyhound heaven except one small thing of course.. the leash.

These deer were fearless. The let us get maybe 15 feet from them. Kassa was calm but interested. Another park dweller came by and commented how good he was with the deer. Turns how she had a greyhound pack of her own at home.

After that we walked up the trail and WACK!. About a foot behind me a walnut dropped. I thought someone threw something at us. Of course this just re-enforced the notion that walnuts are big tennis balls. Of course they don't TASTE like tennis balls so we got past that ok.

Another good thing about the park is when you leave your portable bowl in the car (again) you can always use a pickup bag as a make shift bowl. Kassa wasn't very thirsty, but for some reason I always think I know that he SHOULD be thirsty and dump the remaining water on him to cool him down.


jen said...

Looks like a great park!
Good thinking on using the bag as a water bowl:)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Wow, that must be awesome being able to get up so close to deer. I wonder what Beryl would do? Probably not a lot unless they ran away:-)