Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love at first Roo

Although we had a nice relaxing holiday, certain aspects of it were disappointing as both our Christmas and New Years Eve plans were a bust.  Luckily New Years Eve day was uncommonly gorgeous for this time of year and I was able to martial an impromptu grey play meet with Tequila and Beth Anne.  
One of Beth Anne's talents is her ability to roo.  For those not familiar with greyhound vocabulary this is basically singing or howling like a wolf.  Not all grey's do it.  I have played youtube videos of other greys rooing and although interested, my boys didn't join in.  Well this week Beth Anne's mom started off a roo fest and low and behold, Kassa joined in the song.  He was rooing with the best of them.  Tequila and Ricky barked percussion while Beth Anne and Kassa carried the melody.    I think it was a love song, because my aloof boy became interested in Beth Anne and vis versa.  They enjoyed a long friendly game of chase and play, zipping around, cutting each other off, and zipping off again.  The other two dogs watched in wonder.

I'm really happy to see Kassa enjoying the field again (since his collision with Ricky).  He is playing a lot more with the other dogs and will even run around with Ricky as long as Ricky isn't in pursuit of a projectile.
When we got home later we tried to get Kassa to sing again.  He looked at me like I was completely insane.  I guess he saves his songs for someone he can harmonize with.
Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all have a wonderful year blessed with health, wealth and happiness.


Hiking Hounds said...

Aww, how sweet. ;-) I love the Rooing. That's so great that Kassa is running and playing more.

Angela J. said...

I love a good roo fest! Beckett is a big rooer, the girls not so much, but it seems to excite them all when they get going.

houndstooth said...

I'm glad the play date worked out since your other plans didn't. They look like they were having a blast!

Hawk was our roo leader. He'd get started and the girls would join in. Since he died, though, our house has been silent. The girls know how to roo, but they just don't. I miss it!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Shame about your Christmas and New Year plans but I hope 2012 is a great one for you:)

Frankie and Beryl are random rooers. About the only thing they roo at is the fire siren and sometimes they will, sometimes they won't and sometimes only one or the other will roo. Frankie didn't roo until Beryl taught him how:) I love it. I guess you are going to have to get together with Beth Anne more!

It's 8 months since Beryl took a tumble while running with other hounds a week after she had her tail docked. She got a fright and a bit hurt and although she wants to, she still won't take the plunge and run with the pack on our monthly GAP walks. I'll tell her Kassa is getting over his fear and hopefully that will encourage her:)

JLM said...

Great action shots! I love the last one with Kassa leading the pack!