Monday, May 30, 2011


In all the different dogs we have met through our grey-play adventures I have never met one that could scare Kassa off a ball.  Kassa was a little ball fetching machine.  This has always been our thing.  He was so consistent that I could probably have made money exercising all the dogs that love to chase him when he starts running.
When I went looking for a second greyhound I thought having another ball oriented guy would be great.  Enter Ricky Bobby.  Well if you follow the blog you may know that Ricky is a bit bigger than Kassa.  He is also every single bit as ball motivated.  We had one infield collision a bit ago and since then my ball fetching dynamo Kassa has lost interest when Ricky is in the field.  I admit that this makes me a little sad.  Kassa runs out a few times for the ball, but even when he beats Ricky to the punch he backs off because he is checking for Ricky barreling down on him.  Today I decided that, since Kassa isn't getting as much running in, I would change things up.  Ricky was having fun with fetch, but I brought treats as well and worked on recalls with Kassa.   There is no competition on a recall as he always gets the reward. This way they both got a some good running in.

Kassa running in for a treat.

Ricky running in with a mangled ball.

Even though there have been adjustments, I think Kassa is content with the arrangement.  When new family members are introduced we all have to make adjustments.


Pam said...

Sucks when you lose what you are passionate about, though. Had the same problem with my last pack.

I am sure that you are giving him some private fetching time too?

jcp said...

Yep. Good Point Pam. Both dogs get some alone time with me and it normally involves stopping off at a field. It just isn't as frequent as it used to be.

houndstooth said...

We have had some of those adjustments along the line, too. Have you thought about taking a leash and giving them turns to fetch? It might give Kassa the confidence to start trying it again. I hate to see them miss out on something they really love.

jcp said...

A good suggestion and something we will have to work on. Kassa hasn't been totally convinced. I think a strategy might be if I put Ricky in the vehicle at the beginning and let Kassa run himself out. We will try a few different things.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

It's a shame when things don't work out quite as planned! Before I got Beryl she was tested with boisterous, enthusiastic non-greys to make sure she could cope with Frankie ... and she plays a bit rough for him!! Actually she plays a bit rough for most dogs, lol. So the idea of Frankie having a playmate didn't actually work out either. They do still play but it's on Beryl's terms and doesn't last long. At least they are good mates though, as I know Kassa and Ricky are. Good luck with working out an arrangement that suits everyone:)

Suzanne said...

I’m sorry to hear Kassa developed some fear after the collision with Ricky. I hope you are able to help him work through it. From the looks of the bottom photo it sure looks like he got in enough exercise!