Monday, May 10, 2010

Kassa the Recovering Racing Greyhound

Hello everyone. My name is Kassa and I am a racing greyhound.. sorry... I mean RECOVERING racing greyhound. I spent 3 years of my life training and racing. Basically I was chasing one high after another. Finally I hit rock bottom and they felt I was ready to move on and be rehabilitated. I was moved into a new home. They gave me a new identity (My racing name was Kassard B). Through warm beds, long naps I have been making the adjustment from my life of racing addiction.
Last weekend I had another big relapse. I don't know if its is some kind of test but the two legger who feeds me took me to the fenced area again and pulled out a red ball. Doesn't he know that red balls are like crack for recovering racers? Anyway ... what you are about to see isn't pretty but I feel it is best to come clean. The two legger said that "X-Racer doesn't mean X-Runner" but but personally I think that he is just rationalizing and enabling my addiction. It is sooo hard because it feels sooo good.
To my good friend Tequila. Solidarity brother. We can beat this thing.


Sistertex said...

What an absolute beauty! :)

Mari Rodriguez said...

Beautiful dog! I met some great grayhound rescue folks last weekend at Woofstock West - grayhouds are angelic dogs. Was glad to read about changes implimented since 2005 between tracks, owners, retired grays, etc.

jcp said...

Thanks! We really couldn't be happier with him. Greyhounds are really awesome pets!

Ingrid said...

Hi, Just found your Blog! Kassa is beautiful.

Yes, Greyhounds are awesome pets & great to work with & train.